Why Try Acupuncture?

Because acupuncture is a natural treatment for you and your family. It works by strengthening your whole system and provides relief that lasts.

Despite the use of needles, acupuncture can be painless! Acupuncture works with the bodies ability to heal itself by restoring balance & harmony to our body as well as our spirit.

Acupuncture Treatment:

  1. Is proven safe and effective.
  2. Has few side effects.
  3. Treats multiple conditions & symptoms.
  4. Is used by 1/3 of the world for medical care.
  5. A time tested medicine used for thousands of years.

Medical research confirms what populations around the world have known for years, Acupuncture works! -- and it can be used safely as a part of your integrated approach to resolving your health concerns.

Annie Budhathoki, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in Pain Management, Orthopedic & Sports Injuries, Neurological Disorders and Geriatrics. You can be confident in our dedication to help you move toward a pain free life.

Next Steps

Personalized Alternative Healthcare

Our services provide a natural approach to treating the most common injuries, ailments and diseases. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine techniques are conservative and clinically proven to be safe with very few known side effects.

A safe environment and therapeutic treatment provide you the opportunity to achieve your goals and transform from within. Our professional service standards and open & caring communication will provide reassurance that you have chosen the right path. We have a compassionate understanding of physical suffering, and we will encourage and guide you step by step to overcome painful obstacles. We are personally committed to your satisfaction and benefit, by making Oriental Medicine accessible for you.

Our Commitment to You:

Acupuncture Integrative Professionals will provide the support you need to reach your optimum health potential naturally. Through the powerful integration of Eastern and Western modalities we seek to find effective healthcare solutions for you. You can be confident in our dedication to help you move toward a pain free life. Whether you are in pain from a common injury or suffering from a debilitating disease, at our clinic each patient is treated as an individual. Every treatment is uniquely tailored for your specific condition using the highest standards of care.

We Listen & Respond:

Your questions are important to us and your understanding is paramount. Throughout the course of your care you may have questions or concerns. Rest assured you now have an advocate within the natural healthcare field, and we would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to helping you, so that you can make the best possible informed healthcare choices. Please feel confident in this positive step toward your improved health and well being.

Pain Relief

Pain is a burden. People are not happy when they’re in pain. It can affect many segments of our lives. Pain is one of the only sensations that lights up all segments of the brain. It’s a red alert.

Many of my patients walk in the door to try acupuncture when they have been backed into a corner by pain. They’re at a loss medically. They’re in pain that they’ve been in, sometimes for many years, and their doctors have usually given up on them. My current outrage is that doctors are telling people in their mid 40’s and 50’s to suck it up and just get used to the pain. As well, many doctors are prescribing anti-depression medication for patients simply to cope with not feeling well!

I often hear, “I’m afraid of needles but at this point, what else is there? There is nothing left to try, I have tried it all.” Acupuncture needles are hair-thin, very low impact, often without any pain response at all. I believe it’s far less painful or stressful than your routine eye exam.

Once these extremely fine needles are in, the alarm bells begin to shut off within the brain and body systems. The physical environment for that body starts to become pain free, stress free, and detoxified from its current condition. The human body is allowed a time out. At acupuncture, you’re in a pleasant setting. You’re out of the house, the office, the family, the car. Your body is allowed time and space to finally reset. It’s that perfect opportunity to regroup and heal.


Some people come to us already having an understanding of acupuncture based upon knowledge from a holistic healing background or a family member who has had success with acupuncture. As more and more patients have positive effects from acupuncture and as we educate our community, we will continue to see more of these types of patients..

Another group of typical patients we see are people who are extremely in tune with their body. They seem to just know when something is just off. They already know that acupuncture is a healthy solution to help stay in balance – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. -- It offers them the time and space to “reboot,” to borrow a computer analogy.
A growing number of people in our society are overly stressed, which can create an imbalance mentally. Not mentally ill in the traditional sense, but maybe they’re in midlife, dealing with the illness or passing of a parent, for example. Acupuncture can work wonders for this type of patient by decreasing stress levels and increasing mental clarity.

Multiple Symptoms

Other patients come in with a long list of complaints. Patients such as Senior Citizens, persons with disabilities and a surprising number of what I call silent sufferers (we would never know from the outside looking in). They might have cancer and an amputated leg, and they can’t sleep; no matter the issues, the list is long and complicated. These people I love the most because I often feel like their treatments can be semi-miracle-like. Any relief is extraordinary for them. Such as, people with foot problems or depression for example. Finally someone says, “Just lie here for 30 minutes, relax, and let this do the job.” Those patients can’t believe that after their long, complicated road, something as simple as acupuncture becomes their solution, or part of their solution. It’s usually a parting of the clouds. After one treatment, these patients should start to see a glimmer of hope.

Change Your Trajectory

No matter which type of patient you are, or even if you feel you don’t fit into any of these categories, we will assess where you are currently, the trajectory you’re on in your current health. Then acupuncture, through these very fine needles, allows the body to reset and find a new way. In a sense, the patient can redirect their health themselves. Through acupuncture people can change their trajectory..

It’s unfortunate that for most people, acupuncture is not their “go-to” medicine for pain; all too often it is used when they are near the end of their rope. We encourage you to try acupuncture. It is possible for you to reduce or even eliminate your pain naturally with acupuncture.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture has worked for thousands of years even though scientists, until recently, were baffled as to how it works. For example, it might seem crazy how needling the top of the big toe will elicit a targeted reflexive response in the eye. However, with such scientific information, we see that acupuncture truly does have a proven ability to create a healing response. In spite of what has for so long appeared to be mysterious, the needle actually works very scientifically.

Lately, scientists have learned that acupuncture works via C-fibers within the body that work to reflect healing information back into the brain which in turn stimulates a neurotransmitter response. This reflective healing mechanism thereby produces the systemic healing effects we then find occurring throughout the body. Targeted healing effects occur within a range of systems throughout the body, in systems such as the respiratory, circulatory, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

We know that the body can heal itself. As individuals, most of us will try sleeping, eating, or resting when we don’t feel well. Acupuncture is another “self-healing” tool at our disposal. Various forms of medicine have a place and scope when it comes to illness and recovery. It is necessary to assemble a team approach or strategy with healthcare in order to produce our desired result. More and more patients are taking on an integrative approach in combining various types of medicine into their healing or recovery process. Modern medicine excels at diagnostic testing and evaluation. However, for pain relief and symptom management, we often see patients get a very positive response from acupuncture. Many of these patients say they have not been able to achieve such results through the other avenues they have tried.

“How many treatments will I need?” This is a very common question for most new patients. There is no minimum number of treatments when beginning acupuncture. The first treatment often will provide a baseline of how the patient responds to acupuncture itself. Once we see the response to acupuncture treatment, we can build on that with successive treatments. Acupuncture itself is described as having a building effect. As an example, if a patient sees a 25% reduction in pain level after their first treatment, they might want to come back in a week or two and see if we can build that to 35% and so on.

Acupuncture has also been thought of as very effective as a preventative type of medicine. In the classic texts, they discuss the idea that one should receive a pulse-balancing treatment to be strong and healthy during the following season. Likewise, if a person is using excessive energy and has endured a lot of stress in one season, that person will likely become ill in the next season. Therefore, if we are seeking to live a healthy balanced life, our lifestyles should be moderate and we should avoid stress. Receiving acupuncture just before or during the change of the seasons can be seen as a preventative to getting ill in the upcoming season. As our name suggests, we work to integrate Chinese medicine and modern healthcare for the betterment of our patients. On occasion, we determine that a patient would benefit from another form of medicine or healing healthcare such as chiropractic, massage, or a visit to their primary care physician. Acupuncture alone brings healing and relief in the vast majority of cases, but, when appropriate, we will make recommendations and collaborate with your other healthcare professionals to get the result you desire.