Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012



Happy New Year 2012

Sending You Much Health & Prosperity in the New Year!

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese Zodiac

The year of the Dragon offers opportunity for those who are willing to flexibly adapt to change and creatively approach possibilities.  The dragon is a sign of passion and self-confidence, of bravery and generosity.  Gifted intelligent, and tenacious,  the dragon leads with energy a and determination, bringing with it prosperity and abundance. May 2012 find you empowered with the spirit of the dragon,and rewarded with richness and good fortune in all that you do!



Chinese Medicine Health Assessment

Are you curious about your health or have unexplained medical problems?

A Self-Assessment Health Profile can be used as an educational device as well as a diagnostic tool.

It will aid you in becoming acquainted with the language of Chinese medicine.

If you are interested in doing a personal assessment, please click the link below, complete it and bring it into your next visit.

Chinese Medicine Self-Assessment Health Profile

Check the symptoms you have experienced during the last six months. Circle and check those that have been most troublesome.

To make an appointment please book online at www.AcupunctureSLC.com or feel free to call 801.708.4490



Create a Healing Deal

So many patients in 2011 came to know Acupuncture SLC from local community “deals”  such as Groupon.

In the spirit of this, in 2012 you can “Create a Healing Deal” of your own!  For starters, here are some ideas:

  • Buy 1 get 2nd Half Off (to be used within 30 days)
  • Customer Loyalty Punch Card: 10th visit Free 
  • Pre Purchase 4 or more Treatments get 20% off
  • Friends & Family (2) treatments at same time save $10 each
  • Refer a Friend get 50% off your next treatment
  • Free treatment the week of your birthday!

Keep me posted if you have an deal you would like, and let’s make a Deal!

As always we offer a 20% Discount for:

Students (enrolled)

Seniors (65+)

and a Sliding Scale for Low Income & Disability.





Change through Balance

Most of the time, without even knowing it, we and our bodies are in a perpetual state of finding “our” balance. Internally this happens on spiritual, mental/emotional, structural, and biochemical levels.  Externally, we endeavor to find balance in relationships to others and in our environment.  The ongoing process of finding balance is called homeostasis. How well we find balance during life circumstances is largely based upon how well we function, adapt and thrive in the wold.  Acupuncture & Chinese medicine treatment principles are primarily based on the concept of finding balance.   By balancing the body through a system of correspondences; acupuncture helps the body ability to heal itself.

Healing through balance can take many forms, but some fundamentals elements are called,  ”Nourishing Life Principles.”  Most of the major keys to nourishing life stem from human life experience.   For me, the first step in nourishing our life begins at home.  I always say,  ”There are 3 things that will keep you human; Eating, Sleeping & Breathing, so optimize these 3 things at home as best you can.”  Try to picture some activities you have experienced that “feed your soul” or make you “feel good”  or how you like to find balance & rejuvenation in your life.  In nourishing our life, it is important to find personal balance in our mind & heart; for most of us this means managing stress. May 2012 bring a positive change for you by finding more balance!






Have a Happy and Safe New Year!  

~ All the Best from Annie Budhathoki, L.Ac at Acupuncture SLC ~




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