I have been receiving treatments from Annie for about 6 months now.  She has helped me with numerous issues one of which was chronic tendonitis in my shoulder and elbow.  Needless to say, the pain is completely gone and I now have full motion back.  Not only is Annie a wonderful healer, she is one of the most caring and compassionate people I’ve ever met.  Her knowledge goes beyond the clinical aspects of healing and she has helped me on many different levels.  Thank you Annie! – L.W., North Salt Lake


I had been struggling with terribly arthritic knees and feet even though I just turned 50.  For many years, life-altering pain kept me from doing things I love to do.  I decided I might as well give acupuncture a try.  No way a few needles could give me more pain than I was already feeling.  After the first treatment I felt appreciably better.  I’ve been back several times since then.  I always feel so much better after treatment and I have surprised myself and my husband by choosing to walk more than before.

My pain hasn’t left me entirely, but, through visits to Annie, I am managing it and getting a lot of relief.  It should also be said that Annie is positively charming, and she makes me feel better partly through treatment and partly because of her kind, warm personality.  – B.G., Salt Lake City

I have to support the people who keep me healthy, happy and stress free to do my work with all of you. I went to Annie to help me with my high cholesterol. She introduced me to some chinese herbs and treated my stress levels and any pain I might have with acupuncture. In 3 months I lowered my cholesterol 60 points. My dr, was shocked and a little humbled after making such a big deal out of me wanting to try acupuncture instead of immediately going on Lipitor. I can easily recommend Annie and her services. – C.F., Plain City

Thank You so much Annie, I use to work and I had a cleaning business. Most of my money came from cleaning Bldgs. This morning (first time in 4.5 yrs) I helped my 83 yr friend clean a bldg. Ive been home for a couple hrs now and I am feeling great! In the past it would of taken me days if not weeks to recover from something like that. Grateful Appreciation to You!!!! – K.K., Taylorsville


Feeling Fantastic!
Annie is one of the coolest people I know. I always enjoy my sessions immensely and feel absolutely wonderful after each one. She has already helped me work through a couple of health issues and now we are focusing on menopause. I highly recommend her services.

Annie really cares about your well-being!

I was impressed by how much she remembered about me from the last session even though a good amount of time had passed. She listens carefully to one’s concerns and really aids in helping you heal with appropriate treatment and wise counsel. I hope others realize what a terrific resource we have in Salt Lake! Annie is a true service professional and she comes highly recommended.

Looking for a miracle.

Have had years of sleep deprivation and one session with Annie. Sleep situation has improved due to Annie’s deft touch, skill and understanding. Getting a good night’s sleep is wonderful–thanks, Annie!

You’re In Good Hands

You simply cannot go wrong with Annie. A great skill set, a truly welcoming attitude, and consistent results. I would recommend her to anyone with chronic pain issues.

Great experience

First time and my cfs has improved. It gives me great hope for a more normal life. As an engineer I don’t understand why it works but I have learned not to question why just enjoy the feeling good.

Awesome Results!

Annie has helped me so many injuries and ailments! I feel so much better after having done a few treatments. My back no longer hurts and my allergies are better controlled. She is so sweet and professional, I wouldn’t even think about sending my friends and family to anyone else!


I was immediately at ease and hopeful that acupuncture would help me. I want to go back and continue the treatment. I appreciated her suggestions and non-critical approach to my concerns.

The Best Experience Ever

I had an appt. yesterday and loved every minute. The relaxing feeling is still going on and I slept like a baby last night. I will go back again and again. I also appreciated her gentle, sweet nature.

Pleasant experience
This was my first time for acupuncture. I was a liitle nervous and Annie was great in answering question to relieve my fears. The session was great and knave another appointment. Annie is good and reassuring.

Awesome experience
First time with acupuncture and couldn’t be more pleased. Annie is very professional and has a great energy. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pain relief and relaxation.

The place to go for acupuncture
Annie is incredible. This was my first acupuncture session and I felt lighter on my feet and more in balance afterwards. Prior to the acupuncture session, she first talked with me extensively about my nutrition, place in life, etc and helped me consider issues that may be the catalysts of problems in my body and frame of mind. She’s also a comfortable person to be around. The session was a month ago and I followed her recommendations. I’ve feel better nowadays than I have in a long time.

Extremely comfortable and informative
Meeting with Annie was great, she was very informative and made me feel very comfortable for my first experience with accupunture. She went above and beyond to answer questions, give me tips and suggestions and was interested in my life and health. I would highly recommend her!

Compassionate and Caring
Annie is a pleasure to visit with. She understands your health issues and addresses them effectively. She is incredibly patient and understanding about scheduling difficulties. Her mellow approach makes her patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

Professional and Caring
Annie is extremely well educated in health and health issues understanding both the medical and acupuncture perspective. She also is a caring person and listens well to your concerns and issues. She is sensitive and flexible in her approach.

Professional and Effective
My experience at Acupuncture Integrative Professionals has been very positive! Annie is very professional and made me feel very comfortable. My treatments have been very effective. I am very happy to have found this treatment center and Annie!

Well Done
As this was my first acupuncture treatment I was a little nervous. However Annie was highly professional and competent and knew what I needed. I have noticed a change for sure and am feeling better than I did.


Great Service
I have enjoy both time that I have been. Annie is very personal and professional. Each session is taylored to your needs. I would highly recommend her and her services.

!!!!!!Great Experience!!!!!!!
Annie is a wonderful human being and acupuncturist. She is a very intelligent understanding professional who has been through a lot in her life. So she can relate to you and understand what you our facing with your life. She knows how to talk to you and give you advice that is very helpful. I have been to three sessions so far and I already feel better about myself. I always seem to have more energy after every session. I had never been to an acupuncturist before and I glad I went.